2018 World Series MVP Steve Pearce says he’s retired
Former WS MVP Steve Pearce announces retirement (1:09)

Joon Lee reacts to former Red Sox player and 2018 World Series MVP saying he’s retired. (1:09)

Former Red Sox player and 2018 World Series MVP Steve Pearce said he has retired after a 13-year major league career.

Pearce, who was named the MVP after hitting three home runs with eight RBIs as Boston defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games, made the announcement Monday night on WEEI. The Boston radio station was rebroadcasting Game 1 of that World Series, with Pearce providing some commentary.

“You know what? It has been a good run. I have 10 years in there. Right now I am officially retired,” he said.

Pearce was asked during the rebroadcast about the allegations that the Red Sox illegally used the replay room to steal signs in 2018. Major League Baseball is investigating the allegations but has not yet released its findings.

“That’s such a joke to us,” Pearce said on WEEI. “When it came out we were all kind of joking about it. We just want this to pass us. We won it fair and square. Whatever they accused us of, we were all kind of like, ‘I can’t believe this is even an issue.’ Once the report comes out we’re all going to be free.

“You don’t like it, especially that we were the champions and individually I have that award. And we have this floating over our head when we just had such an unbelievable season. We had the perfect team and great camaraderie with everybody, and then this gets thrown out here. We’re just like, ‘What the heck?'”

Pearce, who turned 37 on Monday, played for seven teams in his career and hit .254 with 91 home runs and 303 RBIs in 766 games.

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