Navy investigates video of dogs attacking Colin Kaepernick fill-in
LeBron thinks Goodell owes Kaepernick an apology; Stephen A. disagrees (2:40)

Stephen A. Smith says it’s the NFL owners who need to apologize to Colin Kaepernick more than Roger Goodell. (2:40)

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The U.S. Navy is investigating an incident in which dogs attacked a Colin Kaepernick stand-in during a K-9 demonstration at a 2019 fundraiser at the Navy SEAL Museum near Fort Pierce, Florida.

The Navy said in a tweeted statement that officials became aware of videos of the incident Sunday.

The videos show four dogs attacking a man who is wearing a red Kaepernick football jersey over heavily padded gear as people watch nearby. In a second video, the man is lying on the ground and approached by men wearing fatigues and holding rifles, saying, “On your belly.” The man replies, “Oh, man, I will stand,” as he rolls over, followed by laughing from the crowd.

Kaepernick is a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who began kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before games to protest social injustice and police brutality. He played his final NFL game in January 2017. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has apologized for not listening earlier to players’ concerns about social injustice, and he has encouraged teams to consider signing Kaepernick.

The Navy videos were posted on Instagram last year and resurfaced over the weekend.

“The inherent message of this video is completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of Naval Special Warfare and the U.S. Navy,” the statement said.

The Navy said the “initial indications” are that no active duty personnel or equipment were used in the demonstration at the “independent organization’s event.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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